2020 is almost upon us, and with the new year will come new trends in ransomware. By understanding the tech dangers that could soon arise, you’™ll stay protected against even the most malicious of hackers.

Ransomware is a type of harmful software used to hijack victims’™ data. The hacker forces the victim to pay a ransom to regain access to the data, oftentimes within a time limit. If the ransom isn’™t paid on time, the data could disappear entirely.

Unfortunately, paying a ransom doesn’™t ensure that your data will be restored. So, your photos, videos, documents, and even financial records could be inaccessible after an attack. Enlisting IT services for ransomware protection before it impacts you is a prudent choice, in the new year and beyond.

Below, you’™ll find our predictions for ransomware in 2020. With these predictions, remember that skilled IT support in Orlando can help you tackle digital security risks for web safety in the new year.

Hackers Will Shift Their Focus to the Cloud.

Surprisingly, ransomware has barely implicated the cloud thus far. But, as individuals and businesses continue to rely on the cloud for data storage, hackers will likely hone in on the cloud in 2020. With this platform, they may gain access to file stores, virtual machine environments, and Amazon S3 Buckets.

Billions of People Are At Risk On The Cloud

A recent news story from Bloomberg revealed that a cloud storing the information of approximately 1.2 billion people was entirely unprotected. The information on the cloud included email addresses, phone numbers, and even social media accounts. This is just a single example of the amount of vulnerable information that clouds could present to hackers in 2020.

After an attack on a cloud, extensive support services are needed for recovery. Ideally, you’™ll be able to prevent ransomware before it strikes. But, computer support after an attack in Orlando is available to keep you and your business safe.

Cyber Attacks Will Increase in Proportion to Increased Data Usage.

5G is an exciting development in the realm of mobile data, but it will likely make for more ransomware attacks in 2020. As more networks roll out 5G, more devices will be connected through data on common networks. Then, the networks themselves will be more susceptible to ransomware.

Mobile Usage Continues to Grow

Increased mobile device use will likely increase the number of people targeted by ransomware. Mobile malware attacks grew significantly in 2019, and that trend is expected to continue. In defense, app stores and app users will both need to be on high alert to differentiate malicious apps from genuine apps.

Hackers Will Learn About Victims To Inform Attacks.

As ransomware evolves and becomes more efficient, hackers are learning more about their victims before making an attack. Specifically, hackers are accessing the financial details of their victims before they strike. With this information, hackers can demand an amount of money that they know the victim has while avoiding complete bankruptcy. This gives the hackers the freedom to attack again, if they so choose.

Backup Protection is More Important Than Ever

Hackers are predicted to start targeting victim’™s backups, preventing them from fully recovering lost data. This is just one more way that ransomware will become more vicious in the new year, making it all the more important for you to protect your data with managed IT services in Orlando.

AI Will Be Used in Cyber Defense.

While all of our predictions so far have indicated worsening malware attacks for 2020, it’™s important to note that cyber defense will significantly improve in the new year, too. In particular, AI will become a significant contributor to companies’™ defense strategies. AI technology will allow businesses to recognize potential threats and react to those threats immediately.

What Can You Do To Stay Protected?

2020 will likely bring a slew of major ransomware attacks. But, you can protect yourself by adopting a few simple habits:

  • Establish and protect a backup of all of your important data so that if one device is compromised, you won’™t lose everything.
  • Install a strong firewall to keep intruders from accessing your devices.
  • Use patches to keep the software and systems on your devices current with the latest updates.
  • Don’™t give out personal information via email, phone, text, or online message. If you’™re getting questionable calls, texts, or emails, contact an IT professional immediately.
  • If you need to use public Wi-Fi, use a reliable VPN (Virtual Private Network) to establish a secure connection.
  • Scan inbound emails for suspicious content and attachments.

Professional Help For Ransomware Protection

Managed IT services in Orlando can provide further protection against ransomware attacks. As you learned above, we predict that ransomware attacks will rise in 2020. But, with evolving AI technology and digital protection services, people and businesses will be well equipped to handle cyber risks.