Outsourcing your IT with a managed services company in Orlando should not be a guessing game. Below are some of our top reasons, why you should consider having Skysoft provide you with dependable Managed IT Services for your business ‘“ this is only our little list.


Outsourcing your IT services requires only a small initial investment, unless you are implementing a ground up operation. All of your IT needs should be wrapped up into a single, and predictable monthly cost.  This places the cost of IT services as primarily an operational expense, and far easier to predict and budget for.  We can also bundle your Software as A Service requirements with your IT budgets and plans.

Managed IT services can also lower your IT costs. For example, you could save on licensing, training, consulting, and emergency repairs. You can also frequently get reduced labor rates through a managed services contract, which saves you even more.


With our Managed Technology Services, you are hiring a team of experts who have the training, qualifications, certifications, and experience you need.  Your company has access to a vast array of different Software and IT Resources in order to accomplish difficult and complex tasks.  With our years of experience, and the use of state of the art project management tools, we strive to plan, track and execute every plan, on every project.


With managed services comes the freedom to focus on the core of your business, not the IT problems.  As business operators, specifically one’s which are hands on like Physicians, being free from worrying about your servers being online is money in your pocket.  This is equally true for your IT staff, if you have your own internal IT support. Outsourcing the management and ongoing maintenance of your technology can free up your IT staff’™s time to focus on larger and more demanding projects that otherwise might happen much more slowly.


In addition to having access to experts and their skillsets, your organization will be engaged in a proactive solution with our turnkey IT & Managed Technology Services.   We monitor and manage your IT & Software Projects to catch problems before they escalate into serious issues.  Proactive monitoring combined with a fast response can help minimize your IT downtime and the risk of serious, expensive problems. But managed services also means you can keep pace with ongoing and changing demands for IT experience and you can more quickly implement new technology.

Staying up to date with technology is quite a challenge . Who do you call  when you need to make sure your business meets compliance laws and regulations? Your managed IT service provider can help you with critical areas like cyber security, Backup and Disaster Recovery, IT Planning, IT Budgeting and more. Emerging trends and IT needs require new talents and knowledge in the IT industry, as well as fast response times to stay ahead of hackers.


IT Security is a huge area where managed IT services can provide you with benefits. Manged Security Services are also part of managed technology services, with many MSP’s now focusing on becoming managed security service providers (MSSPs). Managed security services can help fill your organization’™s security gaps. Skysoft provides comprehensive HIPAA compliance as a service for Medical organizations, we also provide vulnerability and penetration testing services to harden your environments.


There are more advantages to managed technology services, outsourcing your IT, and remote network management. Combining our Software and IT talents into one turnkey solution, will create real value for your business.

Managed IT & Technology services will always be an evolving business.  The possibilities are constantly widening especially with Software making its way to mainstream, and the benefits are there for the taking.  Call us now for a free Technology Audit.