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LuxSci helps ensure HIPAA-compliance for email and web services.

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Decision Support Systems, Industrial Applications & Database Experts

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Decision Support Systems, Industrial Applications & Database Experts

Simplified Consulting Services for your Small Business

Founded in 2001 in Orlando, Skysoft provides software planning, consulting, execution and delivery of complex systems and hardware.  Over the years Skysoft has helped many small businesses relieve their technology worries so that they can concentrate on growing their businesses and realizing their goals.  Looking for experienced and reliable Software Consulting Services? Hire a company with integrity for one flat rate monthly cost.

Affordable Software Development & DevOps

for your Small Business

Skysoft offers complete technology, software management and development solutions that take the hassles out of managing and maintaining your business. Our Managed Technology offering provides our clients an affordable, fixed-budget solution without compromising expertise or level of service. Whether you need a complete outsourced technology/software management solution or your internal technology team needs assistance, we can help.

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Managed Technology


Skysoft provides Software Development, Application Development and Full Stack AWS management services for small to medium sized businesses in the US and abroad.  Skysoft also offers Managed Application Services in order to manage your software in the cloud.

Providing Managed Software Development Services to customers throughout the US.

Case Studies

Transformation CRM

Christie’s Photographic Solutions

A National Professional Photographic Solutions Services company that began with one office in Orlando and has since grown exponentially across the nation.

Department of Veteran’s Affairs Project

Veteran’s Affairs:

Client’s Objectives & Solution Delivered
To provide veterans the world-class benefits and services they have earned