It’™s too early to say what 2017 will be remembered for, but the proliferation of cyber attacks and digital chicanery have been headline news all year.  Whether you’™re talking about the rash of ransomware attacks, ominously dubbed ‘œWannaCry’ and ‘œPetya’; or the alleged Russian hacking of our most recent election, digital crime is more prevalent than ever.  Sophisticated or not, hackers are causing major disruptions to banks, state communications, even airports.

If there is a digital weakness to be found, hackers will exploit it and attempt to reap the unearned financial benefits.  If you haven’™t taken the proper precaution in protecting your data, you’™re flying without a parachute, especially if you’™re like most people and store work information online or in shared files.  We at Skysoft want to ensure that companies never have to face the decision of paying thieves just to regain information that is rightfully theirs.  In a previous post, we spelled out the ABC’™s of protecting yourself; here we will discuss the value of remote backups in more depth.

Backing Up Your Data:

Most people know they should backup their data, even if they don’™t store any vital information on their computer.  Technology has afforded us an incredible amount of luxuries but they are still prone to breaking down or burning out.  Backing up your data safeguards pictures, movies, music, anything you store to be saved in case your tech goes medieval.  It may be an annoying process but you’™ll be glad you did it when the inevitable tech disaster hits.  However, when it comes to hackers and ransomware, backing up your data may not be enough to save you!

Offsite backups:

Hackers use encryption based ransomware, also known as CryptoWall or CryptoLockers.  They are able to enter through a variety of means, such as RDPs, (Remote Desktop Protocols), downloaded files, or outdated operating systems.  From there, they are able to enter shared files and spread through an entire system.  That means your work computer could be ground zero for a virus that locks all the data in your entire company, before holding that precious data for ransom. Many of these viruses will not only encrypt or delete your data, they can also DELETE YOUR BACKUPS!  Yes, if you are storing your backups locally, and it’s a mapped drive, say hello to your new little friend which will encrypt or delete your backed up data.  This is why having an offsite backup is crucial.  At Skysoft we provide backup disaster relief for entire companies, storing huge amounts of data in case of the worst scenario.  By utilizing our services, companies can rest easy knowing that all of their information is stored safely, offline, where hackers can’™t access it.  No longer will you be at the mercy of some computer wizard robbing you blind.

Cyber security is no longer a luxury which companies, or even individuals, can afford to ignore, but rather a necessity that ensures the well being of your technology.  At Skysoft we do more than just protect you from hackers, we provide business solutions to companies and individual alike.  We provide all the tools necessary to help maximize efficiency and, therefore, profitability of your company.  So check out our site for more information.