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GPS Spoofing and Navy Ships

As a pilot of both aircraft and cars, GPS technology has become a vital part of my everyday life, whether I realize it or not. We naturally use our smartphones like treasure maps, leading us to our destinations in unknown places. Unfortunately, there are many instances of people trusting their digital treasure map to the point of mortal danger. Regrettably, there are a shocking [...]

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What happens if my IT provider loses my data?

Insurance in the 21st century has become ubiquitous. Whether it’s for your car, house, or even a body part, there is nothing left which can’t be covered by insurance companies. In many instances, it appears to be unnecessary overkill lining the pockets of in-case-stuff-happens conglomerates. However, there are a number of situations where insurance can be the difference between losing everything and maintaining the [...]

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Why cyber security is so difficult.

The world is undergoing major changes, many of them because of advances in technology. Automation and AI will continue to shape all aspects of how we live: some for the better, others for worse. Animals, with us counted among them, can take hundreds of years to evolve and learn new practices. So far mankind has been a mixed bag in how we’ve handled new [...]

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