Recently, I have been absolutely astounded by the sheer amount of medical professionals, that bypass, cancel, do not implement or otherwise ignore important aspects of their practice, even through the cost of these services is miniscule.  Sometimes its hard for my mind to process a physician, scheduling a 1 hour call to discuss a $7/month email.  I’m not making this up, I have had at least 6 encounters of this sort in the last month.

So what would make a highly intelligent and profitable individual, spend an hours discussing something that costs so little?  Why wouldn’t a medical practice protect themselves for the price of a normal dinner, yet they will sit and talk about it for an hour?  I’m not really sure, but this is a reality.  To that end, I have put together this list of “5 things to give up to pay for HIPAA-compliant email“.

  1. Let’s start with the low hanging fruit – Starbucks Coffee.  In this illustration we see that even if you were just a normal Joe Shmoe, and liked the Tall Freshly Brewed Coffee, you could just simply give up (3) of them per month, and you would have secure email.

      Starbucks Coffee Prices for Physicians
  2. Next, we can calculate some real value by giving up something unhealthy, like hhhmmmm, Beer.  Wow, we can really see the value proposition here.  All you would have to do is give up (1) “cheap” 6 pack, and you’re on your way to HIPAA Compliance! Check it out!
  3. Use Less Water While Brushing Your Teeth – Who would have thought that this would make the list.  You can actually read all about this here – – they have some other great tips for enourmous savings, perhaps enough to allow you to have (2) $7/month emails!

    “Along with being one of the most common ways to save money while brushing your teeth, turning off the water while you are not actively using it can save money on your water bill. When you do not turn off the water, while it’s not in use during brushing, you are using up to two gallons each time you brush. This is a waste of water when you only need about half of a gallon to effectively brush your teeth. Adding in the cost of the water and how much it costs to dispose of the used water, or sewage, your water bill will have a noticeable drop in it once you implement this tip.”  We actually haven’t done calculations on this one, but our labs are hard at work to try and quantify this.

  4. Unplug unused electronics – The energy costs of plugged-in appliances can really add up, and unplugging these devices could save your up to $100 to $200 a year. Another benefit of unplugging your appliances is protection from power surges.
  5. Get Some Exercise – And Finally, we have one that is super easy, and you can feel good about it.  Just go and workout, it’s free, and it will make your body better. Regular exercise reduces your weight, often not directly, but by raising your metabolism. For most Americans, this is a great thing ‘“ it improves your long-term health (reducing your medical costs) and improves your day-to-day energy level. It can also help improve the state of ongoing conditions like diabetes.  Overall, it sounds like a great way to regularly spend an hour, regardless of the financial benefits.

In Conclusion, we can see that there are several easy ways to save enough for your HIPAA Compliant Email from Skysoft.  With just a few adjustments to your day to day habits, you can feel good that you are now breaking the bank, and at the same time protecting your most valuable assets, your PHI.